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For avid scent enthusiasts, finding a signature scent involves much trial and error. Before going home with a new bottle, fragrance fans will sniff many sample vials until they discover their signature smell, be it powdery, floral, herbaceous, heady, bold or delicate.

But some prefer their scent to be so distinctive that they’re willing to invest the time, money, and energy to create a one-of-a-kind fragrance. Enter the bespoke scent, a distinctive blend crafted by a perfumer, the "nose", and mixed especially for the wearer.

Alurent offers two levels of bespoke services:

Level I includes an online survey and telephone interview to help our nose learn your likes and preferences from which a variety of samples will be created and mailed to you from which you can choose your unique scent.

Level II includes a day in our facility with a perfumer who will work one on one with you to develop your own unique scent from the hundreds of essential oils, absolutes, tinctures and extracts that we produce in house.

Your unique formula will be recorded in our confidential database for you to re-order at your convenience.


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